Caution - scammers and pyramids

Important for everyone

The opportunity to get high profits in the field of direct sales attracts the organizers of illegal schemes, which are called “pyramids.” Pyramid is a scheme in which a person has the opportunity to receive remuneration by attracting additional participants in the scheme, and not by selling goods to the final consumer.

To protect yourself from the pyramids, ask about:
  • The company and its employees
  • Products, prices, producers, potential markets for products
  • Amount of entry fee
  • Right to return the goods and conditions of exit from business
  • Seller’s average income

Get all the available documentation and company literature. Find out how many years this company has been in the market. Talk to other people who are familiar with the company and its products. Check whether products are really sold to consumers.

And most importantly – do not rush: the possibility of business in the field of direct sales does not disappear suddenly.

The Ukrainian Association of Direct Sales is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit association of leading companies operating in the field of direct sales of goods and services in Ukraine in order to protect their interests, develop the industry and form a positive public opinion.