Direct selling

Benefits for Distributors and Consumers

Direct selling is the sale of goods and services to the end user outside the usual retail locations through the individual presentation of goods or services.

Typical features of direct sales are direct contact with the consumer in a convenient place for him, a demonstration of products and comprehensive sales counseling about it and opportunities for business direct sales. In this case, the main role in the mediation between the manufacturer and the end user is performed by independent sellers or distributors, consultants, representatives, etc. Direct sales can be done by an independent seller one by one or by organizing a group presentation.

Any goods can be sold by direct sale. The largest share of cosmetics and products for personal care, household goods and health. A slightly smaller segment is food and beverages, dietary supplements, jubilee products, clothing, books, toys, durable goods and much more. Often, the direct sale method implements financial and utilities services.

Most direct sales companies sell their own products.

Benefits for distributors

  • Good opportunity to meet new people and expand their circle of acquaintances
  • Flexible work schedule, which allows you to combine active work in direct sales with family responsibilities or with a load on the main job
  • Good opportunity to make money
  • The chance to open your own business with minimal risk
  • The profit corresponds to the reporting effort

Everyone can start working with direct sales companies, regardless of their level of education, experience, age, financial resources or physical capabilities.
About 80% of entrepreneurs received their first business experience in direct sales.

Benefits for the consumer

  • Ability to try or test products before buying
  • Consultation and demonstration according to individual needs
  • Personal home delivery
  • Possibility to return goods within the stipulated time
  • Direct contact and communication with the seller
  • Availability of warranties and after-sales service
  • Oportunity for purchase at any convenient time

This method of acquiring products is becoming more widespread, as it saves time spent on purchases, giving consumers access to a wider range of products, providing a correspondingly high level of service.

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The Ukrainian Association of Direct Sales is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit association of leading companies operating in the field of direct sales of goods and services in Ukraine in order to protect their interests, develop the industry and form a positive public opinion.