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Faberlic Ukraine

Oxygen cosmetics

About company:

Faberlic is a Russian company in the direct sales market, a manufacturer of unique patented oxygen cosmetics, was founded in 1997. It has been operating in Ukraine since 2001. The company has its own high-tech manufacturing and Faberlic Research Center, which occupies a leading position in Russia. Today, the company has 30 patents for scientific research and is included in the rating of the “Top 100 Cosmetic Companies”.

In Faberlic – our own production, based on European quality standards, equipped with the most modern and environmentally friendly equipment, automatic lines for the production, packaging and packaging of cosmetic products. In terms of potential capacity and scale of production areas, the Faberlic factory is included in the list of the largest cosmetic enterprises in Russia. Development and production of cosmetics Faberlic meets the requirements of quality standards.

In 2003, the company entered the international market, now Faberlic representative offices are open in 24 countries of the world, delivery works in 42 countries. Over 1.8 million consultants work with companies in Europe and Asia. In Ukraine, more than 500 centers provide customer service and consultants.

In May 2011, 2 more companies – Infinum and Edelstar joined Faberlic, in September 2012. Sengara joined.

In 2013, Faberlic enters the fashion market, launching the production and sale of children’s clothing. In 2015, a new generation of oxygen cosmetics is released – “Air flow”, a revolutionary development of the Faberlic laboratory. In the same year, the first collection of women’s clothing appears in the Faberlic catalog.

In 2016, the brand chooses a new development strategy and becomes a pioneer in the fashion industry – the concept of fast fashion (“fast fashion”), successful for retailers, for the first time applied to the experience of selling through catalogs and the network business. From now on, in every catalog of customers waiting for the image of total look – capsule collection of women’s and children’s clothing, limited editions of fragrances, linen and decorative cosmetics, demonstrate one of the trends of the season.

In the same year, Faberlic merged with the premium brand Florange, the market leader in direct sales of women’s and men’s underwear, jewelry and designer accessories, as well as the DENAS MS brand, a manufacturer of unique medical devices.

The main trend of the company’s development over the next 10 years is the transformation from a perfumery and cosmetics company into a company of lifestyle, fashion and style.

Adress: Kazimira Malevicha St., (previous name – Bozhenko), 86
03680, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel. +38 044 503 77 00
Fax +38 044 503 77 00
Official page: www.faberlic.ua

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