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Direct sales, biotechnologies, healthcare, tourism and hotel business, education, e-commerce, investments, real estate

About company:

Tiens is Tiens Corporation and its subordinate structures in various regions of the world called Tiens (Tiens), Tianshi (Tiens). Tiens Ukraine LLC is the official representative of Tiens corporation in Ukraine. Corporation “Tiens” was founded in 1995 in the city. Tianjin, China, Mr. Li Jinyuan. Currently, as a result of the merger of industrial, commercial and financial capital, Tiens Corporation has become a large transnational company, developing its business in such industries as direct sales, biotechnology, healthcare, tourism and hotel business, education, e-commerce, investment, the property.

Tiens Corporation conducts its business in 190 countries of the world; its affiliates were established in 110 countries and regions of the world; cooperates with leading enterprises in many countries. The product range of “Tiens” has more than 1000 items, produced in four directions: dietary supplements, wellness equipment, cosmetics, home care products.

Adress: Druzhby Narodiv Ave. 14-16, building 5
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 044 277 35 35
Official page: www.tiens.ua

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