Elizabeth Korobchenko became UDSA Chairwoman

Elizabeth Korobchenko, General Manager AVON Cosmetics Ukraine & Georgia is elected as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Ukrainian Direct Selling Association (UDSA). The member companies of UDSA sell products via direct selling method cumulatively representing more than 90% share of the direct selling industry in Ukraine.

Elizabeth Korobchenko background counts more than 20 years of managerial experience in several international companies in 10 Central Europe markets. Since 2018, she took over leadership role for Ukraine and Georgia with AVON. With Elizabeth’s leadership, the company strengthened its position as Beauty Brand No.1 and the direct selling leader in both markets. Since joining Avon in 2002, Elizabeth actively promotes AVON social projects aimed at improving lives of women. In 2019, Avon Ukraine donated the 19th mammograph to Sumy oncology center to support AVON mission against breast cancer and provided charitable assistance of 1million UAH to the United Nations Population Fund supporting the program against gender-based violence.

“My goal as UDSA Chair is to further strengthen the image of direct selling, ethical standards and principles of doing business in Ukraine. Success in direct selling industry is blended on the ethical reputation of both distributors as well as companies selling direct. Therefore, it’s so important we have come together to promote high standards of purchasing and selling direct protecting consumer rights.”

The turnover of direct selling industry in Ukraine in 2019 amounted to more than 8 billion UAH. More than 1 million Ukrainians actively connected with direct selling companies maximizing additional income opportunities. And about 50 thousand entrepreneurs develop their business selling direct on full-time basis.

Ukrainian Direct Selling Association is a member of the European Direct Selling Association (Seldia). In 2019 UDS received Gold Standard title of World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. All UDSA member companies adhere to the norms of the Code of Ethics harmonized with the codes in Western countries and guarantees the protection of consumer rights at a higher level than local legislation prescribes.

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The Ukrainian Association of Direct Sales is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit association of leading companies operating in the field of direct sales of goods and services in Ukraine in order to protect their interests, develop the industry and form a positive public opinion.