Ethics and self-regulation

Common conditions for business activities

This section contains useful information on ethical aspects and self-regulation in the field of direct sales in Ukraine.

Depending on who you are – a consumer, a distributor, or a representative of a direct sales company, you can find useful information for yourself in the corresponding tab. The code of professional ethics, as well as all other materials contained in this section “Ethics and self-regulation”, were developed in accordance with the materials of the European Association of Direct Selling Companies, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, and taking into account ethical standards and best practices in the industry of direct sales. sales.

The value of these materials lies in the fact that they demonstrate high standards of ethics and integrity and direct sales, in Ukraine in particular, and also aim to protect consumers, which is especially important in the direct selling industry, which is extremely dynamic and fast-growing.

Only the implementation of common ethical rules will create a healthy market with fair competition, safe goods and satisfied consumers.

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The Ukrainian Association of Direct Sales is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit association of leading companies operating in the field of direct sales of goods and services in Ukraine in order to protect their interests, develop the industry and form a positive public opinion.