About the Code of Professional Ethics

The UDSA Code of Professional Ethics, as well as the information for sellers / distributors, information for consumers and others, are developed in accordance with the European Direct Selling Association Code of Ethics and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations Code of Ethics.

The UDSA Code of Professional Ethics is a standing code of ethical conduct, standards for ethical business conduct, ethical customer service, and consumer protection in the area of ​​direct sales. It is a mechanism that ensures fair treatment and respect for independent distributors and consumers. The UDSA Code of Professional Ethics operates in Ukraine, and each UDSA member company undertakes to comply with the provisions and standards of the Code, because this is a prerequisite for membership and membership in the UDSA.

Compliance with the Code of Professional Ethics is monitored by the Code Administrator, who is not affiliated with any member company of the UDSA. The Code Administrator takes all appropriate measures to comply with the provisions of the Code of Ethics, and in the case of complaints about violations of the Code, the Code Administrator solves such situations. All UDSA member companies agree to respect the decision of the Code Administrator.

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