Information for retailers and distributors

The Code of Professional Ethics sets forth a number of provisions to protect the interests of entrepreneurs who are independent distributors of direct selling companies. The information contained in this tab of the site will help you understand your rights as a distributor of products and / or services of the company. This information will also help you understand your obligations towards your customers.

Important information

As an independent distributor of products, you should be aware of your rights. Your relationship with the company is based on the principles set out in the Code of Professional Ethics. What should you expect from the company you work with?

This pocket-sized brochure will remind you of your obligations to your customers. Customer satisfaction is the key to your business success. (Pocket-sized brochure “What should a distributor know?”).

Here you will find situations with questions and answers regarding the UDSA Professional Ethics Code. You may encounter such situations when conducting your business using the method of direct sales.

The Ukrainian Association of Direct Sales is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit association of leading companies operating in the field of direct sales of goods and services in Ukraine in order to protect their interests, develop the industry and form a positive public opinion.