LR Health & Beauty Ukraine

LR Health & Beauty Ukraine

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A company with more than 30 years of history. Founded in 1985 in Alen (Germany), the company LR today is represented in 28 countries of the world. It has more than 1,000 employees and more than 300,000 independent partners selling health and beauty products. LR’s goal is to give everyone a chance to improve their standard of living: with the help of innovative and economically attractive products, an honest and transparent business model, and open prospects. The core values ​​of LR are responsibility, trust, integrity and, of course, high quality standards of German-made products. LR takes on social responsibility and assists children around the world. Under the motto “For a Better Future”, the Global Children’s Fund LR helps children by caring for their future. The Foundation cooperates with various charitable organizations, actively participating in charity events to help children. In 2013, a grandiose restart of the LR-Ukraine company took place. Since then, the company continues its rapid and confident development in our country.

Adress: Sadova, st., 135, house. 3-4
Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel. +38 044 591 53 33
Fax. +38 044 591 53 34
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